About Us

Welcome to Bangladesh Film Archive

Bangladesh Film Archive is a film related important department under Ministry of Information. Bangladesh Film Archive mainly deals with collection and preservation of classical films and film related materials, film related research, publication and implement film appreciation course
and so on.

Though the department started within a limited periphery but at present the scope and importance of archive have already increased and expanded. At the same time, the people become more interested about film archive. In the recent past, the public and private universities have opened Film and Media faculty, so, a large number of young researchers are working on films and media. They are enjoying the resources from Bangladesh Film Archive. So, Bangladesh Film Archive is playing a very vital role.The film loving people have more expectation from Film Archive. In this connection, it is mentionable that Bhaban projects are being implemented by BFA. Bangladesh Film Archive has completed the work of new building which will be able to fulfill the expectations of film lovers. Bangladesh Film Archive will stand in a unique position. People will get the opportunity to know the history of BFA, its Objectives, Activities, Citizen Charter, Research, Publication, Film Vault, Collection, Preservation and regular film show programme through this site. We hope that this site will meet up the thurst of the film loving people.